House And Lot In Canlubang Laguna

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Luscara Nuvali

Luscara Nuvali
Location: Canlubang, Laguna
Property Type: House and Lot
Developer: Ayala Land Premier
A subdivision, house and lot and townhouse project by Ayala Land Inc., the Luscara Nuvali offers a new living experience for its residents, with its lush, green open spaces and cozy residential units. This townhouse community project by Ayala Land ...



Total Price: P2,500,000 to P5,800,000

Location: Canlubang Laguna
Property Type: House and Lot
Developer: Alveo Land
A subdivision, townhouse and house and lot project in Canlubang, Laguna by Alveo Land Corp. and Ayala Land Inc., Venare NUVALI have recently opened its Phase 1 for sale. This suburban project is located south of NUVALI, minutes away from the ...

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