Mezza Residences

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Berkeley Residences

Berkeley Residences

Own a Unit for as low as P13k per month

Near Ateneo de Manila University and the Miriam College

Ready for Occupancy

Location: Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Property Type: Condominium
Developer: SMDC

Buying Tips

Ten Things to Consider When Renting Out Your Condo or Loft

Maybe you want to sell your condo or loft, but just have not been able to find a buyer. Or maybe you want to continue owning it and build some equity, but you have a desire to live elsewhere. Whatever the reason for doing it, condos and lofts can ... read more

Steps For Greening Your Condo

Many people who live in urban condos are able to get by without owning a car. They bike or walk to the places they want to go, or use public transportation. Whether they mean to or not, that is green behavior that is environmentally friendly. So why ... read more

Benefits Of Buying A Pre Construction Condo Hotel

As with most real estate transactions, those who get in early, get the most benefit. Once a luxury 4 and 5 star condo hotel has been completed and is fully operational, resale prices have generally appreciated in the double digits. All of this occurs ... read more

Home Ideas

Taking a Long-Term Perspective With Home Repairs

Achieving the goal of owning your residence is a significant accomplishment that is usually reached after years of hard work and saving. Yet investing does not end when you finalize the purchase. Ownership is a dynamic, ongoing process. If you invest ... read more

5 Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling for the Home Seller

When it comes time to sell your home, any real estate agent worth the commission will take you on a walk through your kitchen and bathroom. Why do these rooms get so much attention when it's time to buy or sell? One theory is that there is more of an ... read more

Home Remodeling - Why Remodel?

Throughout the U.S housing history, the recent decades have become the moment for many homeowners to take small steps or great leaps in bringing out the best in their homes through various home remodeling projects. It can be as simple as painting a ... read more
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