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Sonoma Residences by

Sonoma Residences by
Location: Sta. Cruz, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Property Type: House and Lot
Developer: New Apec Devt Corp

Avida Towers Asten by

Avida Towers Asten by
Location: 7274 Malugay St., Makati City
Property Type: Condominium
Developer: Avida Land
Avida Towers Asten is a high-rise residential condominium located in West Makati. The name "Asten" is Dutch word that means "To affect". Here, everyday living resonates with a distinct life, color and inspiration. This is ...

Las Palmas by

Las Palmas by
Location: Brgy. Caypombo Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Property Type: House and Lot
Developer: Solar Resources Inc
Experience the new mastered-crafted community. North of Manila Featuring Anahaw, an affordable house designed to enhance your family lifestyle and improve your quality of life.

Buying Tips

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Home Ideas

Modern Sofa Bed - The Modern Space Saver Furniture

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