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Avida Towers Asten by

Avida Towers Asten by
Location: 7274 Malugay St., Makati City
Property Type: Condominium
Developer: Avida Land
Avida Towers Asten is a high-rise residential condominium located in West Makati. The name "Asten" is Dutch word that means "To affect". Here, everyday living resonates with a distinct life, color and inspiration. This is ...

Avida Towers Vita by

Avida Towers Vita by

Total Price: P2,000,000 to P7,600,000

Location: EDSA North Triangle, Quezon City
Property Type: Condominium
Developer: Avida Land
We've made owning a home easy for you. Begin life with Avida Towers Vita today.

Sixsenses Resort by

Sixsenses Resort  by
Location: EDSA cor. Magapagal Boulevard, MET Park, Bay Area CBD, Pasay City
Property Type: Condominium
Developer: Federal Land
At SIXSENSES Resort, be inspired by everything that surrounds you. Elegant edges and refined curves of interiors are reminiscent of classic sculptures. Luxe amenities are the grand stages for priceless moments with the family, accompanied by an ...

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