One Castilla Place

Project by DMCI Homes

Condominium for Sale in Quezon City, Philippines

P12,968 to P53,897 per month

(Price range: P2,361,114 to P6,269,491)
4.5 stars, based on 8 reviews

As Low AsP12,968/mo

#1 Castilla St., Quezon City, Philippines

It is brilliantly situated in proximity to all places of interest- schools, hospitals, religious centers, business districts and commercial areas.


One Castilla Place - 1BR A

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area:  40sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P12,968 to P22,102
  • Total Contract Price: P2,361,114 to P2,570,990

One Castilla Place - 1BR B

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area:  46.50sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P14,978 to P25,528
  • Total Contract Price: P2,727,144 to P2,969,556

One Castilla Place - 2BR A or B

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area:  54sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P15,811 to P26,948
  • Total Contract Price: P2,878,848 to P3,134,745

One Castilla Place - 2BR A or B

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area: 54 sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P16,412 to P27,972
  • Total Contract Price: P2,988,216 to P3,253,835

One Castilla Place - 2BR C

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area: 69 sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P24,313 to P41,438
  • Total Contract Price: P4,426,758 to P4,820,247

One Castilla Place - 3BR A or B Back View

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area: 81 sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P26,556 to P45,261
  • Total Contract Price: P4,835,124 to P5,264,912

One Castilla Place - 3BR A or B Front View

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area: 81 sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P28,431 to P48,456
  • Total Contract Price: P5,176,458 to P5,636,587

One Castilla Place - Tandem Unit

  • Approx. Gross Floor Area: 108 sqm
  • Monthly Amortization: P31,623 to P53,897
  • Total Contract Price: P5,757,696 to P6,269,491
Featuring a variety of units from one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and tandem configurations, the One Castilla Place by DMCI Homes is a high-rise condo project located at Quezon City. Ranging from 12,968 PHP to 53,897 PHP a month, this condo for sale is located at Castilla Street, a quiet area in Quezon City where the prospective homeowners can enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere away from the transportation lines and stress. Of course, one can get a ride from N. Domingo Street, Aurora Boulevard and Granada Street, these major thoroughfares being just a short walk away from One Castilla Place.

Condominium Overview